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Insulating Laminates

The Insulating Laminates range is designed to enhance thermal insulation for both walls as well as in warm roof projects. They offer, simple and cost effective solutions for new builds and renovations. Whatever the goal – whether improving the thermal performance of an existing structure or complying with Building Regulations for new

build – we have a simple solution.

With the additional benefits of improved air-tightness and better sound insulation, Knauf Insulating Laminates provide comprehensive answers for a range of building requirements. And, once easily installed, the rapid payback period speaks for itself.


Room acoustics solutions

The modern acoustic systems from Rigips offer optimum solutions

for acoustic ceilings and walls which perform two key functions. On

the one hand, the broad spectrum of acoustic boards offers virtually

unlimited design scope for creating highly attractive rooms and


OWA ceilings


We provide you, our Customers, with complete acoustic ceiling systems that are adapted to cater for any demanding usage requirements on your specific projects. These typically include appealing design, suitable acoustics and fire protection as well as hygiene control, moisture resistance and air purity.

We supply acoustic ceilings, fire protective ceilings, hygienic ceilings, designed ceilings, metal ceilings, skimmed plaster ceilings, sound and thermal insulation and drywalls. Whatever you're planning, we have the solution!

Why choose Thomas construction

Quality workmanship

Attention to detail and quality of finish that is second-to-none.


Reliable integrity

Maintaining a stable and highly skilled workforce means we keep our promises, no matter what.


Excellent time management

Focus on efficiency supports a proven track record for timely delivery.


Dedicated client service

We care about those in our sphere of influence and reward our team for respectful service.


High level worker initiative

Thomas construction workers are trained to be team players and problem solvers and often lead the way on site.


Immaculate construction

Thomas construction is built on trust and respect, which is inevitably reflected in our finished product.










Our highly trained and skilled team ensure that through engaging open and honest communication, we provide a comprehensive, build-able and safe solution, bringing a bespoke construction service tailored to individual requirements.



Engaging our extensive project management experience, we offer you best value solutions within your budget and programme, continually maximising construction performance; reducing waste and driving innovative productivity.



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